Kiwanis Flowering Tree Project at Cascades

Allegheny Service Berry
Cleveland Pear
The Jackson Northwest Kiwanis Club took the initiative to spearhead a Jackson County Kiwanian effort for this Flowering Tree Project. Beautifying Sparks County Park (Cascades) with an abundance of flowering trees would be a significant tourist attraction in the Spring time, and possibly in the Fall, of all future generations to come.

 Welcome to our project.

We envision a few thousand flowering trees to be planted mainly along approximately 4 miles of the multi-use pathways at 20 foot intervals staggered on both sides of the walkway, where practical. Clusters of flowering trees could be planted in other designated areas. A large 10 foot by 20 foot directory, along with a 60 foot up lighted flag pole system would eventually be installed within the park as an intricate part of the flowering tree project.

Jackson County Kiwanis would like to invite you to adopt a flowering tree to be planted at Sparks " Cascades" Park in hope of improving the landscape and attraction of the park. Your contribution is tax deductible and will provide a legacy for you and your loved ones for generations. You can reduce your donation amount by 50% in sharing a tree with another individual or family. Both names will be displayed. Your donation includes the seasonal up keep and perpetual care of the tree, along with a lighted flag pole system, as well as a future directory depicting the donors and advertisers. Over 70 trees have already been planted.